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Carbon Banks

Towards Furniture Circularity Through Digital Assets

Transforming how we treat everyday objects. Moving beyond NFTs, Carbon Banks helps us build more sustainable relationships with our belongings and encourage a more circular approach to our furniture.

Developed on the back of future forecasting research, it explores positive implications of the hypothesis, that digital originals over time will have a significant impact on peoples' modes of self expression.

It bends the common NFT narrative to fit the mission and brand values of IKEA: Digital self-expression is beyond exclusive monkeys and neon-saturated apparel, scarcity and uniqueness is tied to a mass produced object and accrued over time, and value becomes as much about what you do, as what you pay for.

Concept: SPACE10 & WINT + Anna Schaeffner
Creative Direction: Ryan Sherman
Project Lead: Sarah Berkowitz
CGI: Zünc Studio
Whitepaper: Bakken & Bæck

Contribution: Project Strategy & Direction, Creative Technology Direction.


Everyday Experiments

How will tomorrow's technologies redefine the way we live at home?


Everyday Experiments is a series of digital experiments that explores the role of emerging technologies in the home.

The project operates in the intersection between what can be imagined about tomorrow and what can be operational today. There, it serves a dual purpose – both speculating about the role of technology in the future everyday life at home, and at the same time seeking to validate feasibility using technologies currently available.

The format is fast paced experimentation in collaboration with external design partners. The work is based on a thematic brief (two of which were privacy & trust, and sustainability & circularity) along with a set of technological intersections to be explored, identified through internal research.

Project Lead: Georgina McDonald
Creative direction: Kaave Pour, Bas van de Poel, Ryan Sherman
Experiment partners: Alonso Holmes, AlterR, Bakken & Bæck, CIRG, Cream, FIELD.IO, ManvsMachine, Nicole He + Eran Hilleli, Normals, oio, OpenAI, OSK, Philip Pries Henningsen, PITCH STUDIOS, Radical Norms, Random Studio, Set Snail, Snap, Strømlin, Studio Zelle, Timi Oyedeji, Tin & Ed, WINT Design Lab, Yuri Suzuki
Production partner: Bakken & Bæck
Website: Norgram

Contribution: Project Strategy & Direction, Technology Strategy & Research, Creative Technology Direction.




What if you could turn your smartphone into a democratic design tool for your home?


Studio combines IKEA's life at home knowledge with spatial computing, allowing you to measure, style, and share the spaces in your home. It makes the most of your smartphone’s LiDAR sensors to gain detailed 3D depth information of your spaces.

Studio was part of the first batch of apps showcasing Apple's LIDAR technology, and is a natural evolution of IKEA Place, moving focus from placing furniture in rooms to interior design.

Studio comprises a set of features centred around AI driven automation and 3D model interactivity in AR, and has run in closed Beta within a cohort of appx 3.000 users.

Project lead & creative direction: Tommy Campbell
Production: Sarah Berkowitz
Technical project lead: Paul Maingot
Film: Kühl & Hahn
Agency: Bakken & Bæck
Sound: Plan8
Development: Shape

Contribution: Technical Excellence & Creative Technology, later Project Strategy & Direction.


Spaces on Wheels

Exploring a Driverless Future


A visual exploration of how fully autonomous vehicles could one day enable a more fulfilling, everyday life.

To explore the experience of booking a Space on Wheels, we developed and launched an app where you can go through the full ordering flow, and experience the Space on Wheels in Augmented Reality when it arrives.

Creative Direction: Bas Van de Poel, Kaave Pour
CGI: f°am Studio
Prototype design: Norgram
Prototype development: Shape

Contribution: Creative Technology / AR, Technical Direction: Prototype & Report



IKEA Place

Bridging the Imagination Gap With Augmented Reality


One of the World's best known augmented reality apps, IKEA Place lets you virtually ‘place’ furnishings in your space. From sofas and lamps, to rugs and tables, you can make sure it’s just the right size, design and functionality for your room.

Conceptualised, developed and fully operated as a digital product within SPACE10 for 4 years.

Design: Norgram/Barkas
Production+video: Barkas
Software development: Twnkls/PTC/Shape

Contribution: Creative Technology, R&D & Technical Excellence, later Product Owner, later Project Direction



Exploring the potential of audio interfaces.


Röst is a personal audio guide that's present in your ears at all times, keeping you in the moment. Designed to work in your pocket, Röst responds directly to your location, wherever you go, and provides context-specific information and inspiration as you move.

Deployed as a 3-month prototype trial at IKEA Museum, the project both explore the UX of audio guides, and the maturity of the, then, new wave of indoor Wifi-based positioning technology.

Production: Barkas
Audio & Storytelling: Lydpol
Headphones: AIAIAI

Contribution: Creative Technology Direction, Project Owner




Technology is impacting the way we live and connect at an accelerating pace. Molotuff uses the forward momentum of technology in service of a future we’d like to see. We have a hybrid R&D practice at the intersection of potential futures, creative technology and strategic design. We partner with progressive companies to translate emerging technologies into meaningful impact – to uncover new opportunities and to shape connections with and among people.

operating model
Research &
Will This
How May
Research & Concept – what if?

Looking ahead: Working with potential technological futures, and elaborating on identified opportunities within at the crossection of speculative design and concept development.

Creative Technology – will this work?

Exploring the immediate: Working with the technologies breaking today to assess maturity, validate hypotheses, and to create prototypes, products, services and experiences.

Strategic Design – how may we?

Laying the tracks: Working with strategic design and execution from the position that they are two sides of the same coin.


Molotuff is the independent creative technology studio of Tony Gjerlufsen.

Tony is an innovation leader with a long track record of translating emerging technologies into meaningful impact.

He is a computer scientist, former creative agency COO, large scale event production director, and tech startup founder, that has spent two decades working with emerging technologies.

As a trailblazer and lateral thinker with a deep insight into creative technology and design, his focus is on the creative technology funnel, from research and insight, to impactful products services and experiences.

He has spent more the half of the past decade innovating and building products on the edge, as Head of Technology, at IKEA’s R&D lab SPACE10.




Molotuff ApS
Bredgade 30
1260 Copenhagen-DK


+45 4112 1609